If You Can’t Live Without Your Laptop, Why Are You Living Without Laptop Insurance?

If You Can’t Live Without Your Laptop, Why Are You Living Without Laptop Insurance

These days, most people have at least two gadgets they can’t live without – their mobile phone, and their laptop computer. A lot of people have even more, with tablets, desktop PCs and Macs, digital cameras, MP3 players and all kinds of other tech gear that are so much a part of their lives that losing them would be unthinkable.

The laptop is, for many people, the most important of their devices. Whether you are a student who has all your work stored on there and needs it to do their research, a professional who uses it constantly for work, or someone who simply uses it to stay in touch and store all their digital files, a laptop computer is usually at the very centre of your tech life. While you can certainly do a lot of the things you do on it, like Facebook, email and web browsing, on your tablet or smartphone, your laptop probably has a lot of essential software that you need to use (even if it is just MS Office) and all kinds of work that you have done.

Laptops and Crime

By its very nature, a laptop is a portable device, and this means you probably take it out with you all the time. You might take it with you to school or the office every day, or even bring it out with you when you go for a drink or a coffee so you can carry on with what you are doing while you are out. This is great, and really convenient, but it also means that thefts of laptops are pretty commonplace. Sadly, even with the coolest and sleekest laptop case, it is usually pretty obvious if someone has one with them, and even more so if you are taking it out on the train or in Starbucks! There is a huge market for stolen laptops, and while tech companies make every effort to make it as hard as possible for thieves to unlock and wipe them for resale, it is hard to guarantee this when laptops are so highly customizable that the user could theoretically have done all kinds of things to change the base settings.

There are also some means of tracing stolen laptops and Macbooks, as well as the efforts of the police to recover them and bring thieves to justice, but for many people who have had their laptop taken, that is basically the last they will ever see of their trusty computer.

Other Issues

Of course, having your laptop stolen isn’t the only thing that could mean the end of the beautiful relationship you have with it. It could be water damaged, you could drop it, it could be in a fire, or it could fall prey to all kinds of inoperable technical problems. Any of these can leave you high and dry, without access to your software, your files, or anything else you have kept on there. You also, of course, won’t have anything to work or browse on if you don’t have a secondary device like a tablet.

Backing up your files to a location not on your laptop, like a USB stick, external hard drive or cloud resource like Dropbox is a good way to ensure this won’t mean you lose work or other important files, but it can’t do much about your ability to actually open them and work on them. This is why, if your laptop is absolutely vital to your daily life, you are going to need a means to replace it fast.

Laptop Insurance

There are some provisions, probably, in your home contents insurance which will cover your laptop in some situations, such as if it is broken in a flood in your home or stolen in a robbery. It is more of a grey area, however, how well it is protected when you are out and about with it, or if it breaks. You may want to revisit the terms in your insurance contract to see exactly what the coverage is for your laptop computer, and assess whether this is acceptable. Many people find that it is not, and therefore choose to take out a specific insurance policy just for their laptop.

These policies are great because they are designed with laptop users in mind rather than as insurance for a generic ‘valuable’, so the common issues facing laptop owners are all covered, and covered well. You can get things like Protect Your Bubble laptop insurance which will cover your device comprehensively and affordably, and give you complete peace of mind that a replacement will be yours fast if the worst happens. This really is one of the best insurance investments you can make if your laptop is vital to your work, studies, or general lifestyle.

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