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The Genius Solution Provider to Rehab Brain based Dysfunctions on Behavioral Therapy Platform

The Genius Solution Provider to Rehab Brain based Dysfunctions on Behavioral Therapy Platform

As per different studies, it’s found that only in the US, millions of individuals and families look for assistance from occupational therapists, psychiatrists as well as psycho-therapists to rehabilitate different health issues and behavioral problems apart from physiological. One major example, in this category is alarming increase in the number of drug addicts and alcoholics particularly in adolescents and also in adults. Illegal drugs are the most lethal social evil for the new generation and regardless of one’s social standing, they’ve plentiful means to get addicted of prescription drugs to Cocaine, and Heroin to Crystal Meth like toxics.

The shocking incidences of illegal drug stirred Dr. Curtis Cripe, a genius in behavioral medicine and specialist in neuro-engineering, since the time he was associated with NASA’s space research missions. After completion of his degrees, both Bachelor’s and Master’s in Aerospace engineering, he joined the department of Jet Propulsion Lab. While there, he participated in a series of space related assignments and one of those noteworthy projects was the first landing on Mars in back 1976.

After leaving NASA, he founded his own project Crossroads Institute with the idea to explore the use of behavioral medicine which has an amazing potential to bring changes in human behavioral health. He successfully erected a solid network of likeminded professionals scattered in different states all over the country. Led and guided by him at the core of Crossroads, professionals within the network care for children, adults as well as elderly patients with varied psychological disorders.

The dedicated community employs latest concepts, techniques and methodologies such as combination of telemedicine and web interface to offer the finest solutions, personalized therapies for children with ADHD/ leaning disorder or Autism. Crossroads also offer best management solutions for adults or teens with physiological problems like depression disorder, anxiety in addition to drug addicts and disorders related to brain injury, internal hemorrhage, medicine side effect and more.

For the last few years Dr. Curtis Cripe has been an esteemed associate of NTL Group, located in Scottsdale, AZ. He is operating as the lead researcher, guide and as a major inventor of new generation solution base on the platform of neuroengineering and behavioral medicine at NTL. Under his great guidance and supervisory NTL Group now coming with most up-to-date array of products, services and training courses intended to spot neuro and brain based dysfunctions in humans. It provides remedial sessions referring to individual problem and disorders that yield superior end result which are effective, lasting and steadfast.

The acclaimed specialist in behavioral medicine has efficiently engineered a number of products and solutions from NTL platform which have received federal trade mark as well as global acceptance as never before rehab concepts for wide range of brain based dysfunctions.  His insightful ideas and leadership is top sought-after just not in NTL Group, but across the world today. He has numbers of peer-viewed research publications that are extremely adored by top professionals in the area. He has been a lifetime associate of the Golden Key International Honor Society for Academics.

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