Lightpad G1makes Presentations Effortless

Lightpad G1makes Presentations Effortless

Describe it rational, breathtaking, or only about something besides it —but for anyone the serious type, you are going to savor this product for your Android system phone. Using your Android mobile phone, you now have the strength to change it into a highly efficient device for your colloquium —courtesy of LightPad G1 Projector.

During Customers Electronic Show 2012 this week’s time, many new items were presented to the globe’s best technological innovation nerds and individuals in the know. At the same time as there were a variety of new items and technological innovation that were immediate points of concern, there were also those that confirmed they still required more research.

Though, if there was one product that created the interest of the community was LightPad G1, a genuine transformer. LightPad G1 is neither a Cell phone, Android, nor laptop or computer system; but LightPad G1 has the capability to modify any mobile phone into a computer system, well, pretty close.

 The LightPad G1 is actually a dock, which changes your smartphone into a laptop computer system. Because of the dock, you can venture the items of your products or service onto a huge surface. In addition, you can also use the LightPad G1 as a QWERTY key pad.

The good thing about the dock is the truth that it can quickly be taken along wherever you go, as it is about the same dimension as an A4 paper. To switch project into files, you principally need to attach the projector in the back again of your mobile phone. LigthPad G1 will then move images from your smartphone onto a 11-inch screen; providing a display image of 854x480p. The LightPad G1 is also available with a 1280x720p display image.

Besides the Android, the projector can be used on other OS also such as iOS and Windows.

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