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Want Body Contouring? Here Is The Clinic To Visit!

Want Body Contouring? Here Is The Clinic To Visit!

Since long, liposuction has been a popular procedure to remove excess fat, stored in body parts, to give the body a more toned look. With technological innovation, this method has seen lot of improvements and new ways to treat any individual with more precision and less risks. Most people consider these non-surgical treatments for reshaping their body.

  • Laser liposuction: This procedure uses low-level laser light to release the stability of cells hence allowing the fat to release from it. Well-trained surgeons do it with utmost precision to avoid any damage to the cell. They drain out the excess fat though cannulas.
  • Ultrasound: In this procedure, high intensity sound waves when focused on targeted cells, dissolve the fat. This therapy is majorly for excess fat removal.
  • Radiofrequency: It creates electric field over the skin, casting profuse heat over the cells, almost destroying them. This method has not yet met approval for excess fat removal. However, for body contouring many clinics use it.

Mostly laser liposuction is the non-invasive treatment surgeons as well as people prefer. However, to carry out this therapy, the surgeon must have all the necessary skills and training. Many surgeons practice it without having full knowledge and training in it. An individual looking forward to this treatment would not want to fall in their trap and regret it later. It is rather fair to consult a fully skilled and experienced surgeon.

Sono Bello in United States is a clinic with more hundred licensed surgeons and physicians. Nearly 32 clinics in different areas of the country offer their treatments to thousands of people annually. With the help of micro laser technique offer body contouring which includes- laser lipo fat removal, cellulite reduction, skin tightening. They also have face-lift treatment to treat sagging skin on neck, jawline, drooping eyes and other areas over the face.

What can you expect from them?

  • Customized treatment to every patient, according to his or her requirements
  • Board certified surgeons anyone can rely on.
  • Meeting with doctor before finalizing on any treatment.
  • Knowing the needs, health conditions, deciding the risks factors.
  • Price of the whole therapy along with medicines is affordable.
  • Saves time, as the whole procedure takes just few hours of a day.
  • The fly-in service by Sono Bello. Located far off from any of the centers one can travel without any hassle with eminent assistance from them. They do all the work while the interested individual should only prepare himself/herself for the new and improved look.

However, before going for the therapy, one should be physically and mentally prepared for the upcoming change in life. The individual should be of eighteen years old or above. The results of these non-surgical treatments are quick. Hence, one can enjoy the new life as soon as the therapy is over. Risks involved in these methods are minimal, and almost rare when under the care of best surgeons. This therapy is for those on whom physical workout fails to work. Well, one should continue exercises even after the therapy, to maintain the contoured body.

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