How to Sense if You are HACKED !!

How to Sense if You are HACKED !!

Title has been thought for some time and written, because you have to sense it, and you have no power of knowing it suddenly on this earth. So you can’t know how your website got hacked but better living would be to call it sensing. So, how do you smell or sense a hack? It has its wide variety of symptoms, like for diseases, your website will be in coma stage after the hackers have set their eye on you. Red hats are so brutal and the aftermath journey will be so tedious to imagine, wish it never happens with your website. Take this article as bunch of helpful advices from my side to keep your website up and running, all the time.

Why your site may get hacked? Why that probability of your domain getting into that list of sites which hackers prepare for their con job? Well, you can’t blame your site popularity if it is under the radar of hackers. What other option you have apart from cursing yourself? There are many, first is, you should learn each and every corner of programming, understand the logic behind hacking, then protect your website against such threats. SImple? calm down, that’s not easy to do, You need not to digress yourself from what you are doing, learning that hack basket ain’t that short timed. Better is to choose a service provider who can do every possible checks and fix them for you.

First, You need to observe your site behaviour, observing is a skill and I got to know that my facebook profile has been hacked only after a week, am bad at it. So you need be little quick in catching things happening around your website, the behavioural phase.

Double check your Transactions: You know it, we all work here for money, it is the basic need, even for Hackers! This is one primary area where you can notice it bit early that hackers have penetrated your system and have used your personal details, also funds. I also have heard some interesting cases where hackers have sold stock market shares that the users had them in their accounts. Hackers have tried to penetrate every bit of inch where money resides, you being the owner of your hard earned will not have much of options after the incident has occurred. Whenever you find any clue, please do care to change your password and other confidential informations too if possible.

Adware and Spam: Sometimes You may have wondered how much you will be paid for pop up Ads if your website is famous or well known. Unfortunately, hackers also desire the same but to encash it on somebody’s site. Malicious code can break into the standards and trigger a pop up whenever you visit as well quit the site. This is irritating for most of the users and it affects the navigational characteristics of the site, that may not go well with the regular users. So, please do regular check on different browsers if your website shows up any Adware.

The list goes on, there are many types of manners in which the hacked website can be retrieved,

but how to stop all this and stay secured? There is only one way, as said earlier in the beginning of the post, you need to sign up for better services. There are many jaw dropping deals on the forums but which you will buy? I suggest you to buy Defencely, it has been consistently performing good against all set of algorithms and modes of security threats.

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