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Modern industrial vacuum cleaners

Modern industrial vacuum cleaners

vaccumeThe spheres of industrial vacuum cleaners application are rather wide. Industrial vacuum cleaners are actively used by large industrial enterprises: metal, polymer and chemical. As a rule, industrial vacuum cleaners are divided into two types – industrial and technical industrial type. The devices of last type have the higher operational level. The main difference between them is in a significantly bigger waste tank up to 100-120 liters. For comparison, the waste tank in industrial vacuum cleaners is not more than 60-65 liters.

Most of the industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for continuous work. Operational features of some models allow you to embed them into the production cycle or the pipeline. Such models are switched off only for a few minutes in order to empty the waste container, such devices serve for years. Industrial vacuum cleaner service life is limited by vacuum cleaner engine lifetime, which requires periodic replacement. The lifetime of vacuum engine installed in industrial vacuum cleaners is up to 20,000 hours that means two years and three months of operation without switching of. Typically, these vacuum cleaners are integrated in a specific production cycle. Such equipment, if it is installed permanently, can be connected to multiple hosepipes to operate at multiple locations simultaneously. A large number of hosepipes of different lengths and diameters as well as other accessories of various configurations are manufactured.

Modern industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for both dry materials and liquids as they combine such characteristics as compact size and high pump vacuum capability. Other benefit that industrial cleaners give the user is a variety of application spheres. Thanks to modern technology this type of electric devices ensures long-lasting operation with a constantly high vacuum capability in the intervals between cleanings. In addition, due to the compact design it is easy to use and transport such devices.

Modern industrial vacuum cleaner is a convenient system for maintaining cleanness and neatness, which simplify the other works on construction or industrial facilities. As the waste filters are installed out of the waste collecting tanks, all new vacuum cleaners get contaminated significantly slower than previous models. In addition, during the pumping of liquids they stay dry. This characteristic improves the vacuum cleaning performance and significantly increases the durability of the device. Filters are distanced from each other to prevent premature filter clogging. Increased productivity is achieved through increasing the filter surface by 60% in comparison with the ordinary household vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the use of tank capacity is optimized as the filters are installed out of the debris collecting tank. The new system of filters gives the opportunity to replace them quickly with just few simple motions. In addition, the filters need to be replaced less often than in a household vacuum cleaner, because thanks to the electromagnetic vibration filters can be cleaned easily and therefore can be used several times.

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